Pests – Weeds, Slugs and Snails

As the soil is now a little damp yet the weather warm , we are sure you’ve noticed that weeds are springing up everywhere.
This is important to stay on top of this. Hand pulling, chipping them into the soil, or smothering with mulch are the most environmentally friendly options.
Or organise for our team to assist you in your regular weeding and spraying over winter.

Another ‘favourite’ pest once there has been some rain are the slugs and snails. Keep an eye on your young seedlings and if necessary go out at night with a torch.

Doing this a few nights in a row will make a serious dent in the population very quickly. The snails can be put in half a bucket of hot water with some salt (a good couple of tablespoons at least) and this will kill them.

  • Fertilise your winter vegies every few weeks with a light liquid feed.

Make compost! Use those prunings, fallen leaves, weeds and your peelings to make some valuable compost that will be ready to use in Spring! We can show you how.

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